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Who we are

Condesa Co.Lab is your green coffee partner for sourcing premium, specialty coffee. Our team of coffee professionals is focused on ethically sourced, green coffee beans and inspiring quality outcomes for your business, through our global network and partners in producing countries. Through Condesa Co.Lab, coffee roasters can enjoy direct access to our origin partners, allowing them to build long-term relationships and strengthen their connection with producers at the source.

We collaborate and work in every sector of the coffee supply chain, from coffee growing, processing and trade, through to trade and transportation and logistics. Our overall aim is to facilitate mutually beneficial trade relationships, in which coffee roasters have access to sustainable coffees to share with their communities.

Our why

Condesa exists to authentically champion the work of coffee producers around the globe. We’re here to support, create networks and connect with producers for generations to come. Playing our part in making a sustainable future within the coffee ecosystem. We act as truth-tellers, deep thinkers, seeking solutions while challenging the norms.

Thriving on fostering meaningful connections and uplifting those who lack a voice or market access. Our team is aiming to leave the world for the next generation better than it is today, protecting the environments we’re working within as well as making a positive social impact and enhancing our traceability.

Our passion extends beyond coffee as a commodity, it acts as a doorway to understanding global history, culture, and tradition. Embracing diversity, and being empathetic, we utilize our collective strengths to teach, empower and bring “fresh pots” and fresh perspectives to everyone!

How it works

Condesa Co.Lab has several warehousing facilities across Australia, meaning that green coffee is never far away. Our main offices are located in Sydney and Melbourne, two of the world’s most renowned coffee destinations, with other warehousing facilities located in Western Australia and QLD. We aim to make quality green coffee as accessible as possible to roasters, no matter where you’re located or which specific needs you have.

If you haven’t worked with us before, we will make this process as easy as possible for you. Simply get in touch with us to let us know a bit about your business, which coffees you’re looking for, and in which quantities. If you aren’t sure which coffees you need, a member of our team will help to determine the volumes, pricing, and frequency of delivery your roastery requires.


We have incorporated an online shopping portal to our website so that you can buy coffee directly from our website and we deliver it to your doorstep, anywhere in Australia. You can even order green or roasted samples too. Browse our offerings from various coffee origins, including price, tasting notes, farm information and all the relevant quality specifications. You can contact us or drop a message in Facebook messenger any time if you need any help in placing an order.


Keep up to date with the latest news, education and trip reports, including information about coffee origins, roasting, freight and logistics.

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Ethiopia, a Deep Dive

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Sourcing alternatives to Colombian coffee for blends

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