The Ayni Coffee Project is a social enterprise that works with coffee farmers in the Junin region of Peru to produce high-quality coffee while promoting sustainability and fair trade practices. The project is named after the Quechua word “ayni,” which means “reciprocity” or “helping one another.”
Through the Ayni Coffee Project, small-scale coffee farmers receive training and resources to help them improve their farming practices and increase their yields while also preserving the natural environment. The project also provides fair prices for coffee and works to empower farmers by promoting gender equality and supporting education and healthcare initiatives in the local community.

The coffee produced through the Ayni Coffee Project is considered specialty coffee, which means that it is of the highest quality and has unique flavors and characteristics that are highly sought after by coffee enthusiasts around the world. The project has received international recognition for its commitment to sustainability and fair trade practices, and has helped to improve the livelihoods of many coffee farming families in the Junin region.

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