Cari Coffee

Cari Coffee was born out of the dual observation that Mexican producers do not have easy access to the specialty coffee market, and a waning interest among younger generations to produce coffee: they needed a tool to bring direct value to the field.

Our team of agronomists, cuppers, and traders is dedicated to finding the best customer for each coffee they produce. We are committed to creating long-lasting relationships between the cooperatives and their customers, in order to guarantee producers stability year after year.

Cari Coffee was born in 2019 as a specialty coffee division of @ecom.trading Agroindustrias Unidas de Mexico. Led by Hironori Kondo and Pablo Fraire, they focus on single producers and community led co-ops. Cari Coffee is helping grow global interest for producers in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz and Puebla regions with projects from Grapos, EK Balm, Cabonoch and Totonacapan cooperatives. ECOM’s own SMS (Sustainable Management Services) strengthens Cari’s mission by providing training, technical assistance, quality management, certification advise and agronomy inputs (plants, nutrients, biopesticides) needed by producers.

Each year Condesa works together with Cari to import a selection of single framer / community co-op lots that we think everyone should experience.

For placing orders above 1 MT, please get in touch with us with your requirement at Contact Us or sales@condesa.com.au