Ixhuatlan Centre and the Santuario Project

The two major projects that have been launched in Mexico under the Santuario Project were the Ixhuatlan Processing Centre in Veracruz, and a partnership with Guadalupe Zaju Farm in Chiapas.

At Ixhuatlan Processing Centre, producers have access to wet and dry mills, greenhouses, and drying areas, as well as a nursery, a coffee laboratory, and a warehouse. All of these facilities are dedicated to helping farmers drive up the quality of their coffee.

The centre works with smallholder farmers to produce high-quality coffees, and recognises that quality starts at the farms. To support, team members from Ixhuatlan provide farm support by encouraging farmers to carry out a range of techniques, including selective picking and sorting, and meticulously clean the cherries.

Once they arrive at the processing centre, several processing methods are used. Each stage of fermentation is carefully controlled.

In addition, Ixhuatlan Processing Centre offers shaded, raised beds for drying coffee, with fans and extractors to maintain an absolute temperature and stable humidity levels. As such, coffees from Ixhuatlan often have an incredibly clean cup profile, with outstanding clarity and a long finish.

Condesa has a variety of coffees available from the Santuario Project in Mexico, which include natural, washed, and anaerobic natural coffees..

For instance, the F1 Santuario anaerobic natural from Ixhuatlan has notes of ​​caramel, elderflower, gelato, lime soda, and lychee. The Santuario Guadalupe Zaju mossto washed, however, is processed using mossto, a liquid extract from coffee, which dials up the sugar levels. This Marsellesa has notes of brown sugar, cherry, cocoa, nougat, and roasted hazelnut.

These are just two of the seven amazing coffees from Santuario we are currently offering to our roaster partners. For more information on these and the other five, take a look here!

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