The Santuario Project

Camilo started Santuario some 22 years ago with the vision of improving quality and profitability while also leveraging biodiversity to create some truly amazing coffees.

In 2012, Santuario went international. The farm in Colombia inspired the establishment of wet mills and farms in Brazil and Costa Rica.

The philosophy behind the project expanding to other producing countries was simple. By using the framework from Santuario in Colombia, Camilo and his team could develop the infrastructure for farmers to process coffee in a range of conventional and experimental ways in other coffee-growing countries.

By doing so, Santuario would equip and empower coffee producers to drive up the quality of their lots, while also keeping in mind financial viability and current market trends.

Five years on, in 2017, ECOM became a partner in Santuario, and it became the Santuario Project. Today, it operates in four countries: Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

The project began its work in Mexico in 2018.

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