Finca Chanjul Mundo Maya Natural


Warehouse: Melbourne

Origin: Mexico

Processing: Natural

Packing type: 30KG VCM

Availability: 32 bags

Moisture: 9.7%

Flavors: Fruit, Nut/Chocolate, Sweet & Sugary

Sensory Descriptors: Brown Sugar, Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Raisin, Roasted Hazelnut

Body: High

Acidity: Medium

Cup Score: 85.75

Cupping date: 10-11-23 10:36 AM

Crop Year: 2023



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Coffee Information

At Chanjul farm there are currently around 85 workers today. Joaquín Perez is the manager, in charge of coordinating the activities throughout the year. The favorite sport of the people in Chanjul is without a doubt soccer, their biggest rival is Guadalupe Zajú with whom they play regularly; currently Chanjul is the champion of the last tournament between farms (Guadalupe Zajú and San Antonio) and AMSA Tapachula. The children (before covid) attended the school on the farm every day, where the Teacher has been working on the farm for 4 years. As is common in the region, most of the workers are Guatemalan migrants, who with the great experience acquired on the farms in the San Marcos and Huehuetenango regions, help us to produce more and better coffee. The farm is located in the border region of Mexico and Guatemala a few kilometers from the Tacaná volcano, The coffee at Chanjul is 100% shade-grown (the farm is Rainforest Alliance and C.A.F.E. Practices certified). Shade is well-managed and designed to be multi-purpose. Magnolia from Guatemala has been selected due to the fact that it is evergreen and helps to move nitrogen to the soil. Besides, it is a tree with a relatively high canopy. All coffee on the farm is selectively hand-harvested and sorted once delivered to the farm’s wet mill. Today it is a 100% rust free and resistant farm. The philosophy is to produce coffee in a sustainable way by regularly investing in infrastructure for the benefit of farm workers (free schooling for children, canteen, small store, rest areas, etc.).

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