Hernan Martinez – Catuai & Typica – Washed


Warehouse: Melbourne

Origin: Honduras

Processing: Fully Washed

Packing type: 30KG VCM

Availability: 13 bags

Moisture: 10.3%

Flavors: Floral, Fruit, Nut/Chocolate

Sensory Descriptors: darjeeling tea, Honey, Honeydew, Lime, Milk Chocolate

Body: High

Acidity: Medium

Cup Score: 87.25

Cupping date: 23-08-23 11:41 AM

Crop Year: 2023



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Coffee Information

Hernan Martinez is a high-altitude farm located in the Opalaca Region. The farm has been dedicated to growing coffee for more than 20 years. Their aim is to work towards a stable and conscious market by focusing their farming efforts on cultivating specialty coffee. With specialty coffee, the volumes are often smaller, which is better for the family’s work-life balance. Quality is their priority: Hernan Martinez focuses on plant nutrition and selective picking in order to get the best quality possible. His grandfather was the first family member working in coffee in Guatincara Village, Erandique Lempira. That’s make him the third generation of coffee growers. Nevertheless, his grandfather and father Alejandrino Martinez were focus on conventional coffees only. His aim is to focus on specialty coffee and we couldn't be happier about that!

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