Ndiara AA


Warehouse: Melbourne

Origin: Kenya

Processing: Fully Washed

Packing type: 30KG VCM

Availability: 21 bags

Moisture: 11.7%

Flavors: Floral, Fruit, Sweet & Sugary

Sensory Descriptors: Black Currant, Black Tea, Caramel, Cascara, Kiwi

Body: High

Acidity: High

Cup Score: 86.5

Cupping date: 07-06-2023

Crop Year: 2023



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Coffee Information

Ndiara Coffee Factory is located in Central Province, Muranga District in Kiru location of Mathioya Division near Kiriaini town. It was established in 1999 and rests on a 2 acre piece of land serving Kiogoini, Mathioya,Kagioini and Kagumoini villages. Currently it is affiliated to Kiru Farmers Co-operative Society. Processing After harvesting all the coffee is delivered to the factory and undergoes the wet processing method. Water is pumped using a Diesel engine from River Diara to the reservoir tanks for pulping and recirculation. After pulping the coffee is stored overnight, washed, soaked and spread on the drying tables. The parchment is then frequently turned on the drying tables, sorted and stored awaiting delivery to the mille.To ensure that the processing is carried out efficiently the factory has invested in a pulper, a recirculation system and 10 conditioning bins Soil and Climate The factory lies about 1700m. The soil is red. The area experiences high bimodal rainfall of about 1100mm p.a. with temperatures ranging between 13-25 degrees Celsius. The long rains fall between March-May while the short rains come between October and December.

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